Residential Heating Repair & Installation

Abram offers a wide range of products and services in home heating. We primarily install residential heating products manufactured by York® and DAIKIN. This is because these companies have long track records of providing some of the world’s best in home heating, cooling and refrigeration solutions for over 135 years. They make some of the most durable home heating equipment on the planet, saving you money and peace of mind. It only makes sense that Abram provide our customers the best of the best in quality and efficiency. With their complete line of various residential heating products, you’re guaranteed to find the system that fully meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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High-Efficiency Furnaces for Your Home

High-efficiency furnaces from York® and Daikin are available through Abram to effectively heat your home. These new systems are required to run at an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90 or higher to meet the requirements. We’ll work with you to decipher which kind of furnace is best for your home based on your desires for your climate control features. With a furnace installation job from Abram, you might even notice a difference right away in the quality and affordability of heating your home. Schedule your free in-home estimate today to get started and to take full advantage of current manufacturer rebates.

Boiler Installation & Maintenance

Boilers work by heating water that travels through pipes and radiators or using a fan coil unit that heats the surrounding air to warm up your home. These appliances can use various fuel sources such as natural gas, propane or oil. Consider what happens when you boil a pot of water. When the water heats up, the surrounding air is warmed. A boiler works to heat your home in the same way on a broader scale. Abram provides our residential clients with the highest quality boilers and newest technology in residential heating to keep their homes comfortably warm all winter long. Don’t forget to let us provide your boiler with proper HVAC maintenance on a regular basis to maintain your heating efficiency and durability.

In-Floor and Hydronic Heating Systems

In floor and hydronic heating systems work to warm your home without the use of forced air. That is, the hydronic heating system works indirectly to heat the room from the bottom. This keeps the heat closer to where you are, instead of quickly rising to the tops of the rooms and home. This makes heating your home more efficient and comfortable. It’s no wonder this method of home heating is becoming more popular. It’s important to have an experienced professional, like the HVAC technicians at Abram, install your in-floor and hydronic heating systems to ensure safety and efficiency.

Residential Heat Pumps

Abram offers the best products manufactures have to offer in home HEATPUMP heating and cooling systems. With a wide range of products to choose from, there’s a heat pump to fit every budget and expectation in quality residential heating. You’ll be able to keep your home comfortable year-round with the exceptional superiority and high efficiency of a heat pump installed by our experienced HVAC technicians. With round the clock emergency services and routine maintenance available, Abram is the Sarnia-Lambton area’s leader in both residential heat pump service and installation. To top it off, our heat pump system manufactures are secured by warranties that rival the best in the business.

Forced Air Home Heating Systems

One of the most common kinds of home heat is a forced air system. These work by pulling cold air through the ductwork and towards the furnace. The cold air is then heated before being sent through a different ductwork set and into the numerous rooms of your home. Forced air systems are convenient because you can easily close the register in any room you don’t want to heat. If you choose this method of home heating, Abram can get your new forced air system installed with precise skill that comes from almost one hundred years of experience. Abram can also provide your home heating system with annual maintenance and emergency repairs.

Ductless Mini-Split Home Heating Systems

Just like the name implies, a ductless mini-split system can heat your home without ductwork. This is possible through a ceiling or wall-mounted unit that is connected to an outdoor compressor or condenser. The advantage of using such a unit allows you to heat a single room in your home without heating the entire house. You can change the temperatures of the heated area much quicker than heating an entire home at once. Abram can install your brand-new mini-split home heating system quickly and effectively without needing to add ductwork to your home. That’s what makes this choice perfect for older homes or additions to your existing home.

Natural Gas Home Fireplaces

Natural Gas Fireplaces have been a popular option for home heating in the Sarnia-Lambton area. It’s easy to see why with how they can instantly transform a room into a cozy environment to live and relax. Natural gas fireplaces are easy to use, with many including the option of operation by remote control. Many older homes have existing wood fireplaces that produce pollutants and particles that can impact your health and safety. Let Abram convert your existing wood burning fireplace to a natural gas one or install a brand new one for you to reduce these risks. There are many additional options we can provide to give your home fireplace long-lasting efficiency and beauty.

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