Commercial Air Cleaners

The quality of your business’s air is one of the most important aspects to keeping your workplace healthy and comfortable and making your commercial HVAC equipment  run efficiently and long-term. The big problem is that we can’t tell the levels of particles or moisture in the air by looking at a room with the naked eye. Abram offers a full range of commercial air cleaning products and services to keep your air quality in the perfect shape to prevent allergies, asthma, and illness. From purifying the air to controlling humidity, let Abram provide you with the best equipment and services to keep your air quality under control.

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Commercial Air Purification

Did you know the products you use to clean, deodorize, and sanitize you commercial property could make your customers, employees, and yourself ill? If you’ve been having headaches, fatigue, nausea, rashes, dizziness, or other severe illness, airborne chemicals might be to blame. Common sources of these particles in the air are cleaning supplies, cooking fumes, perfumes, pet odors, solvents, and many other similar products. The only way to fight off these kinds of toxins in the air in your business is to destroy them completely. Abram utilizes the UV (Ultra Violet) air purification system to free your commercial property from chemical vapors and odors by safely removing them from the space and wiping them out for good.

Commercial Air Filtration

There are other ways particles can affect your business’ air quality. These air particles come mainly from organic sources, like dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. These invaders can cause allergic reactions from mild sneezing to full-blown asthma attacks. It’s important to attack these air particles by stopping them before they can do harm. Commercial Air Filtration works by capturing the small particles at the source to prevent them from recycling back into your building’s air. Over time, high-efficiency air filtration products can also ensure your commercial HVAC system keeps running at its peak performance levels. Let Abram help you decide which commercial air filtration products, from our full line of multipleat and media filters, are best for you to keep your commercial property free from allergens.

Commercial Air Humidifiers

One thing you never want to hear when it comes to your business’s air quality is the word “moisture.” High levels of moisture can turn your commercial building into a breeding ground for bioaerosols like bacteria, mold, and viruses. These pathogens can aggravate asthma and other allergies in addition to making you sick in severe cases. Abram helps you to prevent the promotion of mold and mildew growth that come from high moisture content by installing commercial dehumidification and ventilation systems that work to remove dampness from the air in your commercial property. Trust us to improve your business’s air quality to keep you healthy and comfortable year-round.

Commercial HRVs & ERVs

Abram offers HRVs and ERVs through several Canadian manufacturers, such as vanEE.

Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilators

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) work to circulate air, moving the stale air outside and bringing in fresh air. This also transfers heat energy in the process. HRVs use heat exchangers to retain much of the energy from the conditioned air that would otherwise have been lost through an exhaust only strategy.

Commercial Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) work similarly to HRVs, only they also regulate the building’s humidity levels. They keep humidity in during the winter to keep the warmed air from becoming too dry and keep humidity out during summer when more moisture tends to accumulate.

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