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What Is a High Efficiency Furnace?

High efficiency furnaces convert high percentages of the fuel they use to operate into usable energy. That means that the vast majority of energy used by a high efficiency furnace is used to heat your home directly. To qualify as “high-efficiency,” a furnace must have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90 or higher. That means that for a new gas furnace with a 95 rating, 95 per cent of the energy produced by the furnace will end up as heat inside, while only 5 per cent will become exhaust. To put into perspective the advances that furnace manufacturers have made, many older furnaces have an AFUE of 60 or lower. New gas furnaces and other high-efficiency furnaces will feature the ENERGY STAR symbol. The symbol will help you know that you’re getting a high-efficiency furnace.

How Do High Efficiency Furnaces Work?

High-efficiency furnaces use two heat exchangers that draw heat from combusting gases until moisture in the gas condenses, thereby creating more usable heat.  At the end of the condensing process, high-efficiency furnaces vent through a small plastic pipe that leads outside, rather than up the chimney.

What Furnace Is Right for Me?

When choosing a high efficiency gas furnace, there are many different options to consider. Decisions on the proper size of furnace and whether you’re interested in a multi-stage or multi-speed furnace have to be made. To determine what works for you and your budget, it’s best to consult with an expert heating contractor. The specialists at Abram are committed to helping you determine what solution is best for your home.

Will I Notice Any Changes?

High-efficiency furnaces typically run quieter than mid-efficiency and standard furnaces. Also, a high-efficiency furnace will work better to keep a constant temperature in your home.

Benefits of a High-Efficiency Furnace

Savings on Your Energy Bill

The savings you will see on your energy bill will help you to recoup some of the cost of your high- efficiency furnace. With many older furnaces, 40 cents of every dollar spent on your heating was wasted. After switching to a new gas furnace, only a few cents from every dollar will not be converted into heat. This can translate into a lot of savings.

Rebate Incentives

Rebate incentivesare available to people making the switch to a high-efficiency furnace. The Ontario Power Authority offers a $250 rebate when you switch from an existing furnace to a high-efficiency furnace with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM). Abram is a participating contractor in this program, and will help you through the rebate process.

For more information about the Ontario Power Authority rebate visit their website at https://www.saveonenergy.ca/Consumer/Programs/HVAC-Rebates/Getting-Started.aspx

Helping the Environment

When you invest in a high-efficiency furnace you are committing to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and cutting down on waste.

If you’re ready for a high-efficiency furnace, call the furnace experts at Abram.